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We begin our exercise in the embattled country of Ukraine, where children really need your help. In this country, which is amongst one of the most corrupt in the world, children are being exploited through the governmental orphanage system. Some 82,000 children are said to be in the official system in Ukraine, but some insiders estimate the number to be more like 200,000.
It is a common practice in Ukraine for a mother to just simply have the child in the hospital and go home, leaving the child on its own for the “system” to take care of it. Most of these hospitals have a difficult time feeding the babies much less providing the basics such as diapers and medical care should they have any health issues early in life.
It is hard to imagine, but babies that are left to the system with severe health issues (such as downs syndrome) have been alleged to be sold off for organ harvesting.
In other cases, babies left to the system are often pushed into trafficking, child pornography, and other unthinkable crimes against humanity that is simply disheartening when you actually realize what is going on.
It has been reported by many survivors of this rough system that the trafficking issue is well documented, as well as cases where many kids just ended up missing and/or found dead without the police conducting any type of real investigation.
One of the concerns in these cases is who to support, because if you were to send money directly to the orphanages the money almost definitely would fall into the wrong hands.
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